The First NFT Collection from the Evnxt Genesis Club!

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F4ckNFTs - Where Art meets AI

Every NFT guy knows it from his circle of friends, his circle of acquaintances, the constant criticism of NFTs! They are ugly, have no added value and pollute the environment due to the high energy consumption of the blockchain.

This inner rage of all NFT guys must come out and what fits better than a NFT!

The F4CkNFTs Collection is the door opener into the world of AI art. The only utility is that every owner of a F4CKNFT will be whitelisted for the Evnxt Gold Pass.(Snapshot will be soon!)

Why is F4ckNFT so unique?

We want to bridge the gap between art and AI. In the future, we would like to work with modern artists who are open to use our technology to have their work uniquely interpreted by an AI and thus create a new kind of art. What could be more digital art than merging AI artwork with real artists?

It doesn't matter if you are a photographer, painter or illustrator. Anyone can create magnificent artwork with an idea and our AI. We don't want to just change the shape of an existing picture with surreal worlds, but give the AI more room for interpretation. It acts on instructions from our artists, creating completely new unique artworks!

And in the end, the artist decides which artworks will go into the collection. Curated by the artist!

The Artist and Founder Dominik Wojcik

Who is Dominik Wojcik?

Well, that's me. I am the founder of Evnxt and originally come from the IT world, which is also where I make my living. I have built several startups and invest in many companies as a business angel.

I am a photographer and have shot an incredible amount of photographs over the last few years. Mostly landscapes, lost places and wildlife images! My images have been exhibited in galleries all over the world. On many social platforms my images have garnered millions of likes and have been mostly well received.

Art needs no utility!

Why should you mint?

  • 01

    Instant Reveal

    You will see instead what you have minted. No Rugpull, No fake hope! Over 1600 layers have made this project definitly a challenge!

  • 02

    High Quality

    Over 1500! unique generated AI Pictures with a Frame witch has been as well AI designed. 777x777 Pixels High Quality NFTs for Free!

  • 03

    Over 30 different Types

    30 Types of different Styles. From Cats to Pharaos to crazy fantasy Creatures. There should be something for everyone! The range of our art is wide, but still has a high recognition value.

  • 04

    First Step into a new World

    Become part of an aspiring community interested in AI based art. Get acceess to new AI based art collections from well known artists!